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9•6, Conceptual Worlds, specializes in the corporate communications sector. The creative company develops a multifaceted range of communication tools focusing on the nature and needs of the client and often informed by issues from the world of art. On the one hand, reflections and discourses within visual arts prize open blocked thoughts; on the other, sensitivity is mobilized exactly there where individuality becomes perceptible in collective society. For our work as information designers in the development of highquality print and multimedia these are no doubt important, concomitant factors that shape and underpin the company’s unique approach.

9•6 is the brainchild of a team of passionate communicators with different preferences and talents– designers, copywriters and conceptual designers – who have been joyfully strutting along the fields of corporate communications for years. Their work does not reflect an agency-own style, but allows the indigenous parameters, people and worlds of a project to provide perpetually new inspirations and accents. Thus, the correct vessel is created for every message. The approach of 9•6 is not reflected in a uniform style but in the quality of the delivered work. 9•6 is in close touch with the arts scene.

Andreas Kreienbühl

9•6, Konzeptionelle Welten
St. Johanns-Vorstadt 17
4056 Basel, Schweiz
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