Packaging and Product Design: blindekuh, Basel / Zurich

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blindekuh, Basel / Zurich: Packaging

RFV Basel: Compilation CD

Fondation Beyeler, Basel: "Ernst Beyeler – Art Dealer" DVD Packaging

Bistro Kunstmuseum, Basel: Menu Cards and Give-Aways

Bistro Kunstmuseum, Basel: Menu Cards

Bob Driller: Compact Disc with Booklet

Tiprego, Basel: Gift box

Bacio, Bio-Bistro, Basel: Menu Card

Hotel Alpenruhe, Wengen: Coasters

invino Wine Bar, Basel: Label

Ensemble Phoenix Basel: "Fenix", LP Cover

Bizaff, Essaouira, Morocco: Product Line, Packaging

Giorgio Libera, Musician: Compact Disc

trink GmbH, Basel: Label

Edetària, Terra Alta: Label

Jeru: Compact Disk

The Lombego Surfers: 45" Sleeve

Ackermannshof, Basel: Label

Club Abuse: Menu Card

FiBL, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Frick: Labels